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. >> and potentially shut down the government. >> the seven weeks to get there. washington love to play this game of setting things that can not beat him. and so saying we're going to try to inspire people and see what comes to it. if republicans went out there and united and say this is a beer that is falling apart, the president has already started delaying part of it. there is a report that came out today, krispy kreme doughnuts, 60% of employees are full-time. 80% of employees have been part- time since january. premiums were going to be $2100 more than expected. we need a timeout from this law. let's go out and fight or that timeout and see where we stand at the end of september. normally when you go into a negotiation you try to preserve option value. you do not take it off the table. incident trying to figure out where we should he, we should fight for something. >> your group recently commissioned a poll regarding who might get blamed in the event that there is a lapse in the appropriations because there is no deal whether it is over obamacare or anything else. i was looking at the questi
and what is next for the controversial site in nevada tomorrow morning on c-span's "washington journal." thank you for joining us on this sunday. hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend. "newsmakers" is next. have a great weekend. ♪ >> today on c-span, the ceo of" with heritage for american action, michael needham. john mccainlls with a nancy pelosi. ourelcome to "newsmakers" guest is michael needham. the ceo of heritage action for america. it was founded three years ago. thanks for being our guest. let me introduce our reporters. bob cusack is the managing editor of the hill. .> let's go right to obama care this is the issue that is facing the gop. why do you think republicans can do this? before republicans have funded obama care. the election did not fix much. --may have the democratic the only have democratic control. >> for the last three or four years republicans were all elected on the promise to get rid of obamacare and have relied on someone else coming in and saving the day. the supreme court will come in and rule it unconstitutional. the american people are going
's speaking to disabled in orlando, florida. with aq and a" washington post investigative >> our guest this week is dana rohrabacher. he has responsibilities for issues involving russia and also looks at emerging threats. after the big decisions about u.s./russian relations in the summit, we thought it important to speak to him. let me introduce our reporters, guy taylor. blake houshell is the deputy editor of politico. >> my first quonestion is about what seems to be topic a this week. the russia subject you are deeply interested in and know a lot about. i am sure you are aware of the news that the white house decided to cancel this upcoming summit meeting between president obama and vladimir putin. i wanted to get your take. i know you have a different view than some in your caucus. >> i think our relation with russia is vital to our own national security. i would say the peace of the world. we have two major threats that we have to deal with if our people are to be safe. one is radical islamic terrorism, which is at our throat right now and murders our people. they wish they could m
spitting the eye of washington. a lot of these things are largely inconsequential in the long-term relationship. the administration is going to carry on having high level public and back channel communications with russia. we have generally positive relationships. 's closestobama advisers or say what do we really gain from spending a lot of time on russia? hrbacher, you cause him a libertarian. --howuld didn't sho reasonable are these? excited about their because of earsomewhat knee-jerk response to u.s. involvement in syria, saying no matter what the united states should not get involved even if there is wide spread chemical weapons use on either side. i think he is respected in washington because as -- because he has always been someone you has said things that are on people's minds. in terms of big-time influence in the libertarian party, i am not sure how much there is. >> what about his position on edward snowden? >> that was really interesting. his views are kind of all over the map. he is very hard on immigration as you heard. up andn he is holding is a hero for exposi
morning on "washington journal." that will do it for this morning. we're back tomorrow morning at 7:00 eastern with more of "washington journal." we will hear about the u.s. economy he will be talking about the recent decision of you yes on the decision not to ensure houses of some employees. will talkillingham about the effort to improve air traffic safety and reduce delays. that is tomorrow morning beginning at 7:00 a.m. eastern. i hope you have a great rest of the weekend. we will see you here tomorrow morning. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] lex today debbie wasserman schultz is our guest on "newsmakers." discuss economic inequality. later, a look at the state of the u.s. economy. >> this week on "newsmakers" debbie wasserman schultz chair of the democratic national committee. in the studio we have karen at the "washington post. if i could begin why you are in arizona. the dnc is meeting for their fall meeting. what will you be voting? will be talking about the four key pillars that the democratic n
/11. we had in assistant u.s. attorney trying to warn thatuarters in washington you have a problem with the strange people wanting to fly airplanes. they said we know best about this. let's is worried about it. let's do nothing. on september 10 they wanted to budgets significantly. youollowing up on that, this is theng that phone record collection and a if you cannot prove it to me it should and. is this legislation you would consider to shut down? >> they have not proven it to me. it has shown me we collect a huge amount of information. he was able to. we are not just collecting. the best spots we have uncovered or thwarted has in a result of human intelligence unit that .as given us leads >> how much pressure are you getting right now from the obama administration on this? are in a defensive mode. are the font you behind closed doors insane to lay off their guys? >> yesterday i talked with the president. .e are friends i have a great admiration for him. he has thegue that it responsibility for keeping america safe. he will say he needs all the tools. he should, but within the fra
headquarters in washington that you have a problem with these strange people who are into flying airplanes. they said, we know best about this. let us worry about it. they did nothing. it was a different administration at that time. on september 10, they wanted to cut their counterintelligence budget considerably. september 12, they wanted to double it. something during the airing this week which we all quoted, it has not been proven to me that this is -- but the phone record collection has been as useful as you say it is. if you cannot prove it to me, it should end. what do they need to show it to you -- show to you to prove that it is essential? would you consider legislation to shut down the 215 phone record collection program? >> they have not proven it to me. i have read all the material. it is not proven to me that it has made it safer. it has shown me that we collect a huge amount of information. job did not do a very good storing -- as we saw with edward snowden. , thats inconceivable someone in the corporate world, private sector could walk out on a company with all that kind of i
schultz chair of the democratic national committee. in the studio we have karen tumulty at the "washington post" and charlie babington. if i could begin why you are in arizona. the dnc is meeting for their fall meeting. what will you be voting? >> we will be talking about the four key pillars that the democratic national party will focus on over the next election cycle and beyond. those are making sure that we can train and recruit the next generation of political leaders. we have hired a full-time training staff to make sure they have the tools they need to really run 21st century campaigns.. . making sure we build on our digital advantage and ensure that we can continue to run circles around the republicans when it comes to running a modern campaign. kick off a voter registration efforts. we know in states like arizona and texas, and arizona there have been significant demographic shifts that have identified opportunities to begin likely did in colorado and virginia to turn states that were decidedly red to purple and then eventually to blue. we are going to do that through aggressive vo
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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